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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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We Need New Heroes As We Rethink The Goals Of Education

  By Mbugua Ng'ang'a For the better part of this year, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development will be leading various players in the education sector in reviewing the school curriculum as part of a wider strategy to orient our education goals with the Constitution as...

We finance SMEs without collaterals

Umati Capital, a specialist fintech provides supply chain solutions to SMEs One of the key hurdles that stifles SMEs growth during their formative years is lack of operational capital. They often run into financial hardships as most of their clients do not pay promptly...

Think Of Getting An MBA?

The Reason Behind Your Decision Will Determine Whether It Will Add Value To Your Career And Life In General   By Perminus Wainaina The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is one of the popular advanced degree courses in Kenya. Each evening, we have hundreds of Kenyan professionals trooping...

Investing in knowledge will cure many of our ills

Leveraging knowledge gives societies the power for social and economic transformation, setting them on a path of progress and increasing what is now called the gross national happiness. Kenya is paying a steep price for failing to invest in the knowledge economy. The Economic Survey...

Chamasoft: A Financial Management System For Progressive Investment Groups/Chamas

Digital Vision East Africa, a leading regional financial technology firm revolutionizes clients’ experience through its innovative services, key among them being Chamasoft. Digital Vision East Africa is a regional leader in the provision of web based solutions, content applications and technological innovations. Based in Nairobi,...

Britam Asset Managers Rewriting The Rules Of Wealth Creation

Established nearly a decade ago, Britam Asset Managers (Kenya) banks on its professionalism and robust investment structures to excite investors’ experience. Savings and investments have become an integral part to individual and collective prosperity. As a rule of thumb, individuals and institutions which save more...
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