EDGE is a full colour, glossy monthly Business, Management and Lifestyle Magazine. It was launched in January 2015. Its target readership is students and young and middle-aged individuals who are in business or aspiring to be entrepreneurs as well as professional and management executives. In every issue of Edge Magazine, new ideas and innovations come to the forefront.  The magazine covers ideas, concepts, people and places that the target readership needs to know.

From start-ups, brilliant companies to inspiring leaders, Edge Magazine profiles the best in their respective fields. Through its incisive editorial, it inspires individuals to try new things in their lives and business endeavours.

Edge Magazine identifies opportunities and trends that are likely to take off, therefore, readers get the inside scoop first. Topics covered include management, marketing, technological advances, agriculture, and more, offering a wealth of information on multiple aspects of business, lifestyle and operations. From product development to human capital management, each issue provides information about running a business that will help one get started. In addition, insightful articles on lifestyle tips, personal finance and travel and leisure round out each month’s content.

Of vital importance, the magazine works closely with leading businesses, corporate institutions such as commercial banks, tech-companies, insurance companies and micro finance institutions. It also captures the private sector and the government’s role in the development of entrepreneurship, trade, agriculture, human capital and information and communication technology among others.

Whether you are a new graduate just starting out or a current CEO of a thriving enterprise, Edge magazine gives you a cutting edge in the business world.


Edge has a print run of 10, 000 copies and a readership of over 200,000 monthly. Given its packaging, the readership goes beyond its shelf life of one month. The magazine is sold in open market through vendors, leading bookshops, supermarkets and convenient stores regionally. Its major mode of circulation is direct mailing and bulk sales to leading public and private organizations like commercial banks, insurance companies, micro finance institutions, parastatals and government ministries. Besides, it also has a strong base of subscribers among readers having a keen interest in business and lifestyle issues. The magazine also has a digital edition (, giving the publication a global presence.


With readership spanning the socio-economic interest areas, Edge magazine is as relevant as ever. It engages its passionate, youthful and dynamic readers in a dialogue that entertains, enriches, informs and inspires their lives. It is in this light that organizations targeting this socio-economic category have been our leading advertisers. They include both private and public institutions such as commercial banks, insurance companies, ICT and telecommunication firms, government ministries and parastatals, agro-businesses, manufacturers, public and private universities among others. Whether you are our first time or existing client, we welcome you to this inspiring and sustainable relationships.


Quarter page                                                  70,000

Half page                                                       130,000

Full page                                                         200,000

Prime page one                                               230,000

Inside front cover                                             240,000

Inside back cover                                              240,000

Back cover                                                       260,000

Double spread                                                  400,000

Front cover double spread                                  460,000

Cover Story package                                         500,000

NB:(Figures exclusive 16% VAT and Agency commissions)