Entry of the educated ( working ) and well financed but not taking enough time to learn about the business of Agriculture and apply their knowledge to adding value to the already produced. Instead choose to lose money in the actual farming via remote. Every farmer knows you must be close to your farm or you shall keep pumping money into the endless pit.

These young amazing digital farmers should quit farming and apply their minds to adding value to what the farmers are producing. Taking a stroll in a major supermarket chain and the frozen food section is foreign owned. Why ?

When the value chain is healthy it guarantees revenue for the farmer who in turn commits more acreage to farming and better technology methods of working the farm. This is the missing link in Africa.

One country allocates most of its budget to education and agriculture but it always suffers deficits year after year, its ridiculous. Ministers having offices in the city instead of their headquarters being in the farmlands away from the city. Ministers should be compelled to address the nation quarterly on the state of Agriculture.

Farm inputs especially animal feeds have no standardization everyone has a factory producing dairy meal and layers mash, sectors which are dwindling in production year and year. These is an area which must be addressed to support the hardworking farmers and secure the food reserves.

African borders should lock out all food imports from foreign countries and instead focus on trading with other African countries as we did for centuries. Tanzania as an example has invested in their farmers especially fish farming, fruits and vegetables which Kenya now depends on. We can sustain ourselves with healthy food by trading and building wealth for our farmers in Africa.

The financial institutions have neglected the farmer who can guarantee them repayment of loans instead of the employed manager who can lose their job tomorrow after taking a car loan.

Banks which have genuine products for the farmer and have success stories to share contact us and we shall feature you.