Dead Kenyan Film Industry

An outlook of countries with struggling film industries.


Kenya Produced of about 2 films for theaters in 2018, South Africa produced 22 film for their theaters and Tanzania outdid Kenya ten times.

In 2018 the top grossing film in South Africa made $1.9M in their box office. A comedy, which confirmed that the public just want to be entertained and laugh away their issues.

In Kenya the Government did the most ridiculous act by increased budget of Film classification board ( The ones who ban films ) but gave zero to the development and production of actual films. The budget allocation has been used to completely derail the industry. Now Film makers are engaging with the wrong institution begging for funds to make filmsĀ  from an institution which only gains at their expense with no real support to film making. Film makers have been turned into television producers thanks to co production and acquisition by Multichoice Africa which is great as they are able to pay their bills but its not doing much for picking the film industry from the trash bin.

Kenya Film Commission needs to become bullish in its approach to handling its mandate, its to coy with no real voice to demand for a change in how the government is mistreating filmmakers by even classifying the industry with bars and restaurants at the treasury.

Two presidents made promises to the industry, documents have been drawn up, signed by the current president but the current benefactors of the demise of film, persons and institutions have blocked any and all development of the industry

Foreign films have stopped coming to Kenya because they refuse to give incentives to secure the budgets even when the films are about Kenya

African film is getting recognition worldwide and now that hollywood is recycling stories faster than our politicians promises, it would make sense for the African Union to stop holding expensive meetings but actually influence policy and budget allocation to the film industry in Africa.

No other industry can employ more people in a country than the film industry allocated the same budget as their politicians annual salary.