UberPOA makes its way to Mombasa


Uber today has announced the launch of its latest product, uberPOA, providing the citizens of Mombasa a safe, reliable and affordable option to move from one place to another on a Tuk Tuk by using Uber’s technology. Dar Es Salaam was the first city in East Africa to receive uberPOA.

Commenting on the launch, Loic Amado, General Manager for Uber East Africa explains, “Tuk Tuks are a popular choice across Kenya, and we are determined to launch localized products such as uberPOA that resonates with the local citizens.  When we launched uberX two years ago, we knew that this city would surpass our expectations, we have managed to create hundreds of economic opportunities and we are excited to create even more with the roll-out of uberPOA.”

uberPOA, which means cool in Swahili, will be running alongside uberX and will follow the same strict safety measures applied to all Uber options. With Uber’s technology, it is possible to focus on safety for riders and drivers before, during, and after every trip. Riders will still be able to see all uberPOA driver details, such as their name, photo, and license plate number. There will also be able to see whether others have had a good experience with uberPOA drivers and can contact customer support via the in-app help feature if there are any issues related to a trip.

“With uberPOA, riders will still receive the same seamless door to door Uber experience riders are used to with Uber. We believe users will be excited to have another reliable and affordable option tailored to move through the traffic on short trips around town, whether for business or pleasure,” adds Amado.

To ensure enhanced safety, all Uber driver-partners, whether using uberPOA or uberX, will go through a driver screening followed by a submission of a police clearance certificate. Drivers will also need to submit their National Identification, Driver’s license, NTSA vehicle inspection report and proof of PSV car insurance. Uber will also use telematics technology in its app to monitor driving behaviour of driver-partners and encourage them to exercise caution as they drive with the Uber app.

The uberPOA product will be priced with a base fare of KES 10, KES 15 per KM, KES 3 per min and a minimum fare of KES 50. Riders will be able to travel to popular routes such as Posta to Nyali from KES 170, Posta to Bamburi from KES 280, Likoni ferry to Tudor from KES 270, Kongowela to City Mall from KES 130 and Bamburi to Pirates from KES 50.

Amado adds, “At Uber, we believe in choice for riders and driver-partners. Riders should be allowed more choice in the way they move around their cities, and driver-partners should have more choice in how they make a living. In the spirit of building globally and living locally, uberPOA is another product that resonates with local riders in Mombasa!”

Uber has spent time listening to their riders and drivers across the cities on providing products that fit their needs, which is why Uber is thrilled to extend uberPOA to Mombasa.  Not only will this create thousands of flexible economic opportunities for Tuk Tuk owners but we also help modernize the industry, benefiting everyone.

PRO TIP: If you can’t connect with your uberPOA driver at first, don’t worry! Availability may be limited while we continue to scale. Just refresh your Uber app after a few minutes to request a ride – you’ll be on your way in no time.