Job creation in East Africa has dropped rapidly in the last month. Kenya has witnessed a 12.3% drop with its job market index moving from 323.38 in October 2017 to 288.03 in November 2017. Similarly, Tanzania witnessed a 66.7% drop in job market index and this is expected to continue for another month. Uganda recorded a 30% drop in new jobs created but Project Management remained the main driver of growth in the country.
Interesting to note, the industries creating jobs in the three countries are similar. Accounting/Auditing, Project Management and Administration/Office Support all created jobs in the three countries over the past month. Kenya faced a demand for Auditors and accountants and jobs created in the field stood at 9%. Programme/Project management still creates the highest number of jobs in Uganda. The increase in job creation witnessed in October 2017 in Tanzania was reversed in November. There was a 64% drop in all job creations. However, professional services led the creation of new jobs.
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The study has been realized by Data Fintech, based on data collected from Brighter Monday, the first jobs online marketplace in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
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