Major (Rtd), Bashir Haji

Major (Rtd)Bashir Finds Niche to Provide Private Security in High Risk Areas

He banks on his rich expertise in the military to redefine security services provision.

Vision 2030-Kenya’s national development blueprint aims to transform the country into a newly industrialized economy providing high quality of life to its entire citizens in a clean and secure environment. So pertinent is security, to the realization of Vision 2030 that it has been anchored on the vision’s social pillar seeking to engender a just, cohesive and equitable social development in a clean and secure environment.

Vickers Security Services,” comments “Security is what helps to keep us safe from possible harm from those who would attack us physically, economically, and diplomatically,” says Maj (Rtd) Bashir Haji, the Managing Director at Vickers Security Services which was formed on the ideals of Vision 2030.

He advises that security is important not only to the government, but to the whole nation as a whole. While national security serves many purposes, private security completes the equation. “Kenya has a strong military to help ensure the nation stays safe. But this is not enough. We have a raft of individuals, private businesses and many other enterprises that want to protect their lives, properties and investments as well from possible attack. How do they ensure that? We are the missing puzzle,” remarks the General.

Vickers Security Services is a registered security firmoperating within the governing laws of the republic of Kenya. Incorporated in 2000 as a limited liability company, Vickers Security Services became operational in 2008. Currently with presence in Nairobi, Nakuru, Garissa, Wajir and Mandera, the firm offers a wide range of security services ranging from static to electronic security, access control and surveillance equipment.

Vickers is a member of the Protective Security Industry Association (PSIA) and operates in full compliance with its policies and standards.

The firm is now a fully serviced security provider and takes pride in its well experienced security experts to offer exceptional services.

“We don’t operate the company just like any other security agencies in this line of business. We are different. Our passion and commitment is our major selling point. Our security experts and directors have worked in the military and police force at senior management level. The directors have also worked outside Kenya on security assignments. They bring to the firm unrivalled managerial experience,” explains the Director.

“Security professionalism is our DNA,” he affirms.


Understanding and experience of working in conflict areas and high risk areas is what he terms as the firm’s X-factor; an experience that has seen the team work with a number of corporates, Non-governmental organizations and the government security agencies in Northern Kenya.

Major (Rtd) Bashir also believes that working on security is an intelligent investment. “We see the conflicts in our country and how it affects us time and again through threats such as terrorism, piracy and theft among others. More often, we pay huge price to fight these vices. By believing in private security you make a cost-effective investment in preventing the underlying causes of conflict.”

To be able to deal with bigger threats of security, Vickers Security has had to invest in specialized security services including provision of armed guarding and escort services, especially in hostile region. He says that this is achievable through close collaboration with the government security agencies as well as local security agencies operating in those regions.

“We also provide manned guarding services and thoroughly vet our recruits before training them to be guards who are responsible for securing the lives and properties of our clients. We are experts in general and specialized security consultancies.”

The firm also supplies specialized security equipment such as highly sophisticated security gadgets like handheld explosive detectors.

The technical team is also well capacitated to install, maintain and service various refined security equipment depending on the client need and specifications.

Other services include dog handling, trip management, motor vehicle tracking, firefighting equipment and courier services among others.

Economic importance of security

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that shortfalls in safety, security and justice contribute to both poverty and underdevelopment as indicated by most studies. On the contrary, the presence of safety, security and justice can contribute to development outcomes including virtuous cycles of security and development, ‘with high levels of security leading to development and development further promoting security’.

“Besides we provide employment opportunities because not everybody can join the government security agencies. We also pay taxes and help people secure their lives and that of their families from possible attacks. Private businesses benefit from our services as we help them secure their investments.”

The Executive projects that the firm will grow organically and cut a niche in specialized security provision in high risk areas based on its experience and work track record in the said areas.