Slow death of the 8-5 work day?


    The 8 am to 5 pm job may soon be a relic of the past.

    Today, experiences of men and women starting their careers are closer to flexible working hours, juggling multiple positions and self-development.

    Seeing that, consultancy is a growing option amongst majority of Kenyan job seekers. To reduce costs, Organizations outsource certain roles rather than have in-house talent. For example, in the Banking sector in Kenya it is not surprising to have several consultants acting as their customer service team and IT team working flexible hours.

    Data Fintech analytics, confirms that growing trend in the Kenyan job market. Between January and August 2017 there have been an average 45 strategy and consulting jobs created per month. Majority of the jobs created were for senior level positions. The median salaries for strategy and consulting jobs have experienced an increase by 7.93% to Ksh. 147,732, the highest in 2017. Looking at job competition rate, pressure slid downwards to 3 in August 2017 from 4 in July 2017. Job competition pressure is the average number of applications per job listing. For people looking for a job this should be the positions that you apply for as chances of you getting the job are higher.