Uber: Inspiring Lifestyles Across the World


    From UberChoma, UberChopper, UberYacht to WedMeGood, this brand building strategy has seen Uber revolutionise marketing.  From a simple desire to make rides   simpler through the push of a button since March 2009 the response from riders has been phenomenal.

    The ride sharing app with its ‘Uber-On-Demands’ has provided exclusive surprising and delightful experiences to riders in cities across the globe from Los Angeles to Cape Town.

    In the recent past, Uber has not only revolutionized the way people move from one point to another, but has also changed the way brands communicate with consumers.

    This has been made possible through partnerships with companies across these cities. These partnership has helped Uber go beyond the usual marketing activations to bring unique campaigns to riders at a touch of a button. It’s all about ‘fastest fingers first’, ensuring that the quickest riders qualify for whatever is on-demand!

    So what kind of campaigns has Uber offered to riders the world over since they hit the streets in 2009? Let us sample some of the more unique ‘Uber-on-demand’ activities that brought a breath of fresh air to its users.

    Celebrating East African cultures

    Earlier this year Uber teamed up with Roast by Carnivore in Kenya to celebrate East African cultures and cities by serving the most enjoyed meal in Kenya-Nyama choma. This exciting on-demand service dubbed UberCHOMA (roasted meat) delivered nyama choma to riders for free in Nairobi and Mombasa! Due to overwhelming response in Kenya, Uber also took the UberChoma On-Demand to Kampala and Dar es Salaam where it was received with open arms in both cities.

    According to Uber Head of Communications for East Africa, Janet Kemboi, this campaign was just one way of celebrating the vibrant East African culture and connecting with riders and driver-partners in a memorable way.

    Taking transport to another level in South Africa

    In South Africa, Uber offered UberCHOPPER and UberYACHT. In Cape Town, UberCHOPPER allowed users to select a helicopter option and location, after which riders were collected by an UberBLACK and taken to the helipad for an amazing helicopter experience over the mother city. On the other hand, UberYACHT allowed riders to enter a promotional code into the Uber app and secure a VIP spot on a yacht for a sunset cruise with some top international and local DJs.

    Supporting local businesses in Nigeria

    In September 2016, Uber assisted the Nuli Juice store located in Ikoyi, Lagos after the destruction of their store. Uber called on the community to support a #MadeinNigeria business by taking part in the campaign. This campaign allowed Lagosians to request a Nuli combo on the Uber app just as they would request a ride, the combo deal included a chicken wrap and juice.

    Ghana Independence Day

    Earlier this year, Uber celebrated a momentous 60 years of Ghana independence with a sweet treat campaign called UberDonuts by partnering with Dough Man, a favourite local business. Riders with the fastest fingers, received a box of Independence-day-themed donuts that were delivered to their doorstep, for free.

    Londoners Jet off

    Londoners had the opportunity to experience UberJET, a promotion that saw riders jetting their way to a destination of their choice. Uber teamed up with Absolut® and offered anyone over the age of 25 the opportunity to be whisked off to the ultimate summer party location on a private jet. Winners departed from central London and were taken straight to the airport, where a private jet was waiting to take them away for 24 hours of fun and spontaneity.

    WedMeGood across India

    Uber made the lives of those getting hitched across India a whole lot easier by introducing UberWeddings, which allowedhosts to buy a certain number of Uber rides on the WedMeGood website during 2016. The wedding party was able to share rides with guests and this allowed brides and grooms to better track travel expenses. UberWeddings was also made available in Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles receives a transforming experience

    In 2015, Uber teamed up with Paramount Pictures’ Michael Bay and the coming-of-age drama “Transformers: Age of Extinction. Optimus Prime in LA was a very unique and exciting on-demand where Transformer Autobots were on the move and riders had the chance to roll with a robot in disguise. In three US cities, riders were able to use the Uber app to request a pick up from Optimus Prime for 15 minutes! Who wouldn’t want to catch a ride with Optimus Prime?

    A global experience

    One of the most memorable global promotions that took place was UberIceCream. Riders in 69 countries and 400 cities were able to request an ice cream at a touch of a button. How convenient and exciting to be able to order ice cream by just opening the Uber app and not even having to leave your seat