Africa Risk Institute; Delivering Holistic Risk Management Solutions

    Kefa Nyakundi, MD, Africa Risk Institute

    We help our clients to evolve Risk Management beyond a box-ticking compliance exercise into an organizational culture that is coined and deeply rooted in the mind and behavior of all employees.

    By Claire Njoki

    Africa Risk Institute (ARI); a professional services firm based in Nairobi with operations across Africa continent, brings you efficient services  on  Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Advisory, training and placement. We envision growing into a globally recognized knowledge provider of finance and risk management solutions in Africa. As such, we are keen to be leaders in the provision of holistic and transformative finance and risk management solutions that deliver value to people and enterprises in our chosen market segments across Africa.

    Our core values are summarized in the aide-mémoire EPIC3 – Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment, Creativity, and Community.

    Risk management solutions

    We help our clients to evolve Risk Management beyond a box-ticking compliance exercises into an engrained organizational culture that is deeply rooted in the mind and behavior of all employees. We help to convert every person in the organization into a Risk Manager through trainings, professional certifications and placement services thereby effectively contributing directly towards achievement of the organizational objectives.

    Our approach further ensures that we impart knowledge on best practice using such frameworks as ISO 31000, COSO, Solvency II, Basel II, etc. all aligned to organizational objectives.

    Besides the trainings, research and placement services, we also offer risk advisory services to organizations that typically involves:

    • A comprehensive GAP Analysis using our well-researched 10-point Framework to help organizations draw an implementation road-map for implementing their Risk Management strategy.
    • Development of the Risk Management strategy, Policy Statement, Standards, Guidelines, Risk Management Plan, and Assurance Plan, etc.
    • Development and implementation of a comprehensive Risk Management training framework including Stakeholder Analysis, Training Need Assessment, and carrying out actual enterprise-wide (boardroom to mailroom) Training and awareness campaign.
    • Development and deployment of a structure and accountability framework that include Board Risk Management Arrangements, Risk Management Champions, and Risk and Control Owners, etc.
    • Development and deployment of a review and improvement mechanism including Control Assurance, Risk Management Plan Progress, Risk Management Maturity Evaluation, Risk Management KPIs, Benchmarking and Governance Reporting, etc

    In order to address the intricate challenges that organizations face, we offer our clients services in:

    1. Risk Management Trainings
    2. Professional Certifications
    3. Risk Management Placement Services
    4. Risk Management Advisory Services

    Open training programs

    ARI offers a breadth of courses in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), Financial Analysis and Accounting, Corporate Finance and the Capital Markets with an emphasis on quality and value for money. Our team formulates leading-edge programs comprising Talented Practical, Real-life topical case studies, Up-to-date well-researched course documentation which drawing on our vast experience and valuable networking opportunities across Africa in a concentrated but relaxed environment.

    In-house training programs

    Our in-house training programs are specially designed in response to the specific training gaps an organization has with view to expediting the realization of its strategic objectives. We therefore develop and deliver customized risk management trainings and combine the latest training techniques with relevant case studies to create innovative and engaging programs.

    Professional Certifications

    Africa Risk Institute is currently an accredited trainer of Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI).  Our Certification programs are tailored to specific industry needs to ensure the existence of an adequate pool of certified professionals for effective industry interventions.

     Risk Placement

    We help employers find qualified risk management candidates to fill part-time, full-time and contract jobs. This service involves shortening the recruitment cycle for our corporate partners by providing them with the final short-list of eligible candidates for specific jobs and providing career seeking candidates with various career prospects through our network. This service encompasses all levels of professional experience and cuts across a wide range of industries.

    Value for money

    At ARI, we take pride in our capacity to work with both regulators and practitioners to help them achieve their objectives. We know that with or without a regulatory push, professional skill development benefits both the employer and the individual. Our services are also cost effective and ensure that clients get value for their money.

    Our principals and associates teams have requisite skills and capacity to deliver solutions for executive and senior management as well as technical operational staff. As a result, our trainings are focused, practical and results oriented with target trainees need considered in the course materials development. Consequently, delegates derive the maximum practical benefits from a course. In addition to this, our certification programs are acknowledged internationally with graduands who sit and qualify for either our GARP or CISI certifications accredited to practice in international platforms.

    Claire is a Marketing Coordinator at Africa Risk Institute