Uber Kenya opens new support center for driver-partners

    Anthony Le Roux Uber Regional General Manager for Middle East and Africa support rewarding Ayub Kongere-, a driving partner with the best rating.

    Uber Kenya announced the opening of a new office space to support and strengthen the thousands of its driver-partners in Nairobi.

    The new expansive space, located at The Riverfront on Chiromo lane is an ultra-modern office space dubbed ‘The Greenlight Hub’ specifically meant to serve Uber’s driver-partners as a resource center where they can seek technical support to drive or ask questions about the app.

    Speaking at the launch ceremony, Uber’s Country Lead in Kenya Kagure Wamunyu confirmed that the new facility will enable Uber to support even more partners and lower the amount of time drivers wait to see Uber representatives. “I want to thank the members of our driver-partner support team who work hard to provide excellent support to each and every driver-partner.” she said.

    As a surprise to the driver-partners gathered at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Uber also recognized and presented shopping vouchers to Ayub Kongere, Erastus Mbogua and John Kamwati driver-partners that had completed the most trips and had the best rating respectively. Susan Musembi, female driving partner with the best rating and Jane Mwangi,  female driver-partner with the most number of trips.

    Also present at the ceremony, Uber’s General Manager for East Africa, Loic Amadow who further explained that the decision to open Greenlight Hub was driven by the need to support the growing number of driver-partners. The Greenlight Hub which was previously located at the Mirage Building on Waiyaki way, served over 700 drivers every week. “The new space is all about providing efficient and world class support for the thousands of driver-partners driving with Uber in Kenya. Our new location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and develop to keep pace with our partners’ needs, allowing us to provide exceptional value and superior service.” said Amado.

    The Greenlight Hub will be open from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 3pm  and will have shorter waiting time, ample parking for the driver-partners cars and a separate room to attend to drivers with special needs such as disabilities. The new hub will also enable driver-partners have direct access to Vehicle Solution Programme representatives and various service providers that will add value to the driver-partner experience such as telcos, banks and mechanical service providers. The hub will also give technical support that will enable driver-partners give feedback of the services received.