Did you know that you can convert your living room into a living theatre, courtesy of EPSON EB-UO4?




By Oroni Tendera

EPSON EB-UO4 provides up to 100 inches HD Projector for only KShs 120,000 although not portable, the projector is lightweight and comes with a padded carry bag to easen ferrying the device from one location to another.

EPSON EB-EO4 has double HDMI ports besides the traditional AV video input port and PC-VGA port. One of the HDMI ports is compatible with MHL mobile phone playback. The resolution of the projector stands at 1920 by 1200 pixels, thus the vertical pixels use 1200 pixels and hence retaining the ppi.

Traditionally, projectors require their lamps to be replaced annually when used every day at an average of between 6 and 10 hours. The cost of replacing a lamp is usually above Ksh 30, 000. EPSON EB-UO4 projector however has a 10,000 lamp hour, which should last up to 5 years if used at an average rate of 5 hours a day. Normally if you work weekdays, your screen time can be 3 hours weekdays, and work for at least 15 hours weekends.

Setting up

The first step involves inserting the power cable to the socket – and plug it at the back of the projector. The next procedure is to insert the video input source then switch on the projector, wait for about 30 seconds to view the image portrayed on the wall, and adjust the image sharpness to your taste.

At the front of the projector below the lens, there is the tilt adjustable stand that allows proper placement of the screen on the wall. If the screen is not well-aligned with the wall, you may choose to further adjust the tilt by lengthening or shortening the back screw stands.

Once the projector is set approximately 3 meters from the wall, you can start adjusting the image size by rotating the zoom wheel, placed on top of the projector. Next to the zoom wheel is the keystone correction button that can be moved from left to right to accurately position the image within the screen area.