As the party season kicks off in Kenya, we are faced with the perennial challenge: how are we going to get home safe once the celebrations are over?  While Alcoblow and “Don’t drink and drive” campaigns encourage us to be safe during the festivities, Uber would like to make riders aware of a few top safety tips that will help to make trips as festive and trouble free as possible.

The app which is safe, reliable and convenient covers all the basics of getting you around during this festive season. Make the safe choice and always count on Uber to get you THERE.

Here are some tips on how you can keep safe over the holidays.

Uber’s Safety features

First, before you get into the vehicle, verify your driver-partner and vehicle registration using the information in the app. This way, you know exactly who is taking you home! You can also share your ETA (Estimated time of arrival) with a friend or family member in order to provide accountability in the event you do not arrive in time. As a rider you can also make use of Uber’s GPS features that allow you to track your trip by viewing the route on the map in the app. This way, you are able to know if you are heading in the right direction, especially if not familiar with the route.

Riders and drivers are able to rate each other after every trip. This allows riders and driver-partners to see each other’s current rating before getting into the vehicle, and allows Uber to query any negative feedback.

Uber also offers in-app support, which is simple and easy to use. Whether you want to ask about something you lost on a night out or submit a question about a receipt that looks wrong, you simply need to go to the ‘Help’ section and you will have your answers in a few taps. You can give detailed feedback after a trip which will allow Uber to respond to any concern. For more help, you can visit and leave your contacts and a report and the Uber support team will get in touch with you.

Plan ahead

Uber-RideThink your after-work drinks may get out of hand? Plan in advance and take an Uber to work. You can even schedule your ride in advance so you don’t have to worry about breaking the festivities until your driver comes. Or, if the party takes you by surprise, leave your car at the office and pick it up over the weekend. While this may seem like extra work at first, it is less costly than compromising your safety and the safety of others by drinking and driving.

Know that you’ll get a driver, even in peak times

During the festive periods, there is often a concern that there may not be enough cars to go around. As an innovative and evolving App, Uber goal, is to ensure that you can push a button and always get a ride within minutes- whatever the weather and or time. Thanks to our dynamic pricing model or “surge” pricing as it is known, it’s possible to get a ride when they need it most – especially during the busiest nights of year, like New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Jamhuri Day.

During times of peak demand, it is important that there are enough driver-partners on the platform to accommodate those looking for rides. For this reason, Uber increases fares to encourage more drivers to pick up riders who need to get somewhere.

You will know when surge pricing is in place before requesting your ride. A notification on the surge price will pop up with a fare estimate so you know what fare charge to expect once you accept the surge. This allows you to either accept the surge and request the ride or decline to request the ride and get notified once the surge is over.

Have fun, without worrying about your ride

When it comes down to it, the festive season is all about enjoying the fun times. It’s about taking care of the little things so you can have a good time. By taking advantage of ride-sharing options at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about parking being ‘over the limit’ or how you’re going to get home.

We can all relax – Uber will get us home safe.