Meet the Liberian actor with a penchant for Kenya’s film industry

Dream Debo_Right with Ezekiel Mutua CEO Kenya Film Classification Board

Dream Debo, 37 is a renowned Liberian actor. In 2009, he made his debut film appearance in ‘Risk’- and became an instant star. He says the movie was a block-buster and received major reviews. That same year, he bagged a Liberian movie award. He recently jetted in the country. The following is an exclusive one-on-one conversation that he had with Edge Magazine.

After discovering your talent, which steps did you take to up your game?

I went to Ghana and then Nigeria to gain more skills since their film industry is more developed compared to Liberia. That was the greatest opportunity to make my name in the industry.

When did you set up Platinum Entertainment?

With a wealth of experience gained, I returned home after that to manage our then small industry in Liberia.

I then started Platinum Entertainment which focuses on film production and event management. I immediately secured a contract to host the same film awards that thrust me into the limelight.

Starting small, the firm has immensely grown to give young Liberians an opportunity to thrive in the entertainment industry. We are now a first-rated entertainment company that gives rise to stardom.

What brings you to Kenya?

Debo in set for a film shot
Debo in set for a film shot

The Kenyan film industry is quite slow but has great potential. I want to collaborate with producers and directors for capacity and professional development. I have met both private and government practitioners and the narrative is on how to raise the creative talent in Kenya.

An exchange programme is underway between Kenya, Liberia and the West Africa  in general.

You featured on the Gentleman’s show, met and create networks. How was it?

I would like to thank Amadou Chico, the brain behind the Gentleman’s Show for his networks and connections and how he helped me further my ideals here in Kenya. We had an interesting conversation and he linked me up to many projects here-the Kenya Film Classification Board, Nanyuki and Karura film platforms, just to mention a few.

The way forward

I want to make the greatest impact in the film industry in Liberia, Kenya and beyond. Film is the next big economic frontier for Africa. Kenya is a hub of talent and creatives. But for the industry to grow, Kenyans have to support their own industry-morally and financially.

In my interactions with Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of KFCB, I have realised that a lot can be achieved if all stakeholders consolidate their efforts to promote the sub sector.

What is the best movie you have ever directed?

Freedom, a 2015 film that depicted the Liberian war.

The biggest challenge yet?

Being able to create a platform that has launched a career for many people in the film industry. In 2009, movie making was sublime in Liberia to the extent that people thought it was for idlers.