Fitness Is A Lifestyle

Gym It: VIncent Muasya a fitness instructor at Body & Spirit Gym

Vincent Muasya, a fitness trainer and consultant at Body and Spirit Gym says physical exercise should be regular and consistent in order to enhance fitness and overall wellness

How fit are you? Can you carry out various activities without undue fatigue? Do you have reserved energy to respond to emergencies?

Today, only a small percentage of people appreciate the role of exercise and physical activity. Many go to the gym with an objective to lose weight after which they quit.

According to Vincent Muasya, fitness is not thinness or how much you weigh. Fitness means being able to perform physical activity. Muasya says that fitness is a lifestyle and people should make it regular and consistent. It should be as natural as eating or taking bath. “If you cannot make it a lifestyle, do not start as it would be very dangerous to stop.” This is where the principle of reversibility applies as the saying goes “once fit not always fit”.

Muasya is a fitness trainer and consultant at Body & Spirit Gym, located in a serene environment in Kahawa sukari along Thika Road.

Having studied physical education at Kenyatta University, he says that he has a passion for fitness. He trains his own instructors who help him in the day-to-day running of the gym. Muasya has also previously worked as a fitness instructor at Kenyatta University.

Why fitness is important

Lifestyle has changed considerably over time. There is a general lack of adequate mobility and nutrition. Additionally, unlike before when people were active through manual labour, today, lifestyle has become sedentary. Most people spend their free time sitting down, watching TV, reading or listening to music, while some use cars even for short distances which they can otherwise walk.

This change of behavior has brought about the emergence of lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes,  obesity, hypertension, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

In that regard, Muasya offers that exercising daily and making healthy eating choices are important aspects in alleviating these conditions. Indeed, exercise is a good medicine, which most people disregard.

Training session
Training session

Fitness training

At Body & Spirit Gym, everyday is a unique day with its own fitness class and with a different emphasis. Classes run from Monday to Saturday with a focus on improving cardio efficiency, enhancing muscular endurance and strength, improving overall fitness (mixture of boxing and tae kwondo), cardio class on steps, body toning, and zumba (a dance class) respectively.

Beginners are recommended to train for three days per week.

The target clients are the middle aged, post college and students. “Students pay a special rate of Ksh. 2,000 per month while the rest pay Ksh.4, 000,” observes Muasya. Members have full access to all the programmes.

Most clients are referred by existing clients who are satisfied. Today the gym has 100 regular members.

Corporate fitness

Body & Spirit Gym ventured into corporate fitness where they train staff at their places of work. Muasya points out that workplace fitness programmes benefit both the organization and its employees. “We have been able to train employees from a number of companies among them Oil Libya, Shell, Kenya Breweries, National Bank and Atlas Copco.”

Its benefits range from improved health and wellness, lower medical claims, reduced absenteeism, high productivity, reduces money spent on hospital visits, better employee retention thus companies are able to cut on recruitment costs, as well as improved employee morale.

Besides, through his other company Sky Metrix Limited, Muasya has diversified into supplying gym equipment, setting up gyms for domestic and commercial purpose, repair and maintenance of gym equipment, wellness consultancy, team building and managing fitness facilities in flats. So far, they have put up gym for Sony Sugar and Agro Chemicals.