Seth Sketches His Way To Success


Seth Sketcher, as he is commonly known, reminisces his journey from an unknown figure to a crème de la crème artist. Seth has managed to cut a niche for himself in the market of pencil portraits, cartoons, graffiti and illustrations.

Profiled as a self-taught artist and one of Kenya’s finest pencil art specialists, Edge Magazine takes you through the story of his life in bits and pieces.

The Q & A

Can you describe yourself?

A pencil art by Seth Sketcher

I’m Seth Odhiambo, a visual artist. But I’m commonly known as Seth Sketcher. I specialize in pencil drawings, cartoons and graffiti.

How has been your art journey?

A rough tide! Nothing has come easy my way as an artist. I didn’t get the support when I was in dire need of help. It has been a struggle but I never gave up.

What is your major breakthrough?

When I was featured in KBC’s Artitude in August 2015. After which I also exhibited at the Kenya Art Fair 2015.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

(Laughs)… a night owl.

Who is your dream mentor?

Moses Njogu, an artist-cum-photographer. He is one of my inspirations.

Any gadget that you cannot live without?

I will be miserable without my phone. It connects me to the world…clients, friends, and family. It is also my entertainment gadget because I listen to music a lot, mostly underground hip-hop.

Who is your single best influence?

Arnold Juma, a creative arts lecturer. He encouraged me to stay positive about art.

At what age did you decide on your profession?

Immediately after my KCSE studies.

What is the single most vital trait for artists?

At a certain point in life, most artists have a thing for nude art. They must draw or paint.

When did you venture into pencil drawing?

A lot of interest started in 2012 and it has immensely grown to date.

Pencil portrait by Seth Sketcher

What is the best way to describe your job?

It’s worth it. Art has taken me to new heights which I did not envision before. As long as one is passionate about the craft, it will pay back.

Which is the best piece you’ve ever drawn?

A cartoon selfie. I would have picked a portrait but the cartoon defines me more than any other work I have ever done.

Tell us about the pencil drawing industry in Kenya?

The craft is growing fast in Kenya. Time is ripe for art and craft to be reincorporated back to the school curriculum. Many people want to venture into art. And I think I am a success story, if the   phone calls that  I receive from parents and clients who want their children to be like me is anything to go by.

Going forward, what can we expect from you?

I’m a versatile artist. Besides pencils portraits, I also draw cartoons, graffiti, as well as illustrations. Expect surprises!

(For more of this artist’s works check his facebook page: Sketcher Arts, Instagram @sethsketcher and blog